Promotores: Community Outreach Video

In 2007, Pfizer Helpful Answers established The Pfizer Promotores Outreach Program in collaboration with the Dallas Concilio. Long recognized as an effective model for community health education, promotion, and referral, Pfizer-trained promotores have been effective in helping to spread the word about Pfizer Helpful Answers and connecting eligible uninsured Hispanics in hard-to-reach areas to critical health care resources that can provide help.

By sustaining promotores outreach and education initiatives in local areas, Pfizer remains committed to developing patient advocates to improve access for those individuals in need.

At Pfizer, we realize the important role that patient advocates play in raising awareness about patient assistance programs. In the form below, share your own story about an initiative you're either working on — or are in the process of creating — that aims to help patients get the medicine and health care they need. We at Pfizer Helpful Answers will then highlight some of these unique experiences on our Web site so other patient advocates can benefit and learn from the good work you're doing throughout the community.